Who's behind THE CODE?

We are a Spanish brand formed by a small team willing to do great things. Addicted to coffee and laughter during working hours. Both the office and the workshop are in Madrid, but the origin of all this has the smell of the sea, the rainy day and the eucalyptus leaves; since the soul of all this is Galician.

How did it all start?

This project began in 2012 with the hope of inspiring women who identify with the slow fashion culture in which values such as authenticity, quality and timelessness are important when choosing their accessories. Each and every one of our bags are treated and pampered to the last detail with the best quality leather making a responsible use of all materials.

Where do we manufacture?

All our production comes from our workshop, here in Spain, where the bags are made in a traditional way with one of the best leather craftsmen in Spain, and a team of seamstresses who put all the love of the world in each piece they make. Timeless designs of retro inspiration in engraved crocodile leathers are our sign of identity .