Our bags are handmade with skins dyed using traditional methods, so any irregularity or difference in appearance is considered an intrinsic feature of the product.


    To preserve the original quality, we recommend avoiding direct exposure to water, as well as rubbing against fading fabrics. When not in use, it is advisable to keep it in a protective case.

    So that your Sawdust bag stays like the first day, it is advisable not to combine it with garments that fade easily, avoid direct contact with water or alcohol fragrances, and clean it from time to time with a clothes brush, passing it carefully. We also recommend that before the first use you apply a protective layer in spray format of any of the products on the market for leather and suedearticles.
    ATTENTION! The use of hydroalcoholic gels not only affects the hydration of your hands, but also the skin, fittings (chains, pins, studs) and accessories of your bags. They can become damaged, causing loss of color and oxidation of some parts. Our recommendation is that every time you use this type of alcohol-based gel, you should let your hands dry thoroughly before coming into contact with your bag or accessory.